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ELAINE REED - Watercolour Artist, Hill Head, Hampshire, UK

Elaine Reed lives in Hill Head, Hampshire, UK.

She specialises in painting and teaching watercolour but also enjoys working in all other media.

Elaine is inspired by all aspects of the natural world from the nearby and domestic to the wildest places of the Earth. She is intensely interested in Geology, Astronomy, Botany, Biology, Folklore & Myth and the mathematics of pattern in the way things grow and evolve whether mineral, plant or animal.

Water and the Sea are subjects that Elaine constantly returns to (Gallery). Living by the sea it would be hard not to.

She trained as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer at Southampton Faculty of Art and Design and then did a year of Fine Art at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Le Havre. This leaning towards Illustration and subsequent workplace ethic of working to mad deadlines has led to her painting very many commissioned pieces in the years since as working to a deadline and with specific instruction, when necessary, holds no more fears. (See Commissions page for a few examples and the stories behind the work).

Elaine teaches, runs workshops for and demonstrates to art groups and paints to commission. She also teaches on painting holidays on occasion.

Her work can be seen at her home, in various local galleries and shows and during the Hampshire Open Studios event in late August of each year. Elaine also has a small collection of prints and cards that can be purchased.

Painting by watercolour artist Elaine Reed

Eleaine Reed watercolor painting

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